The Phone Team

If you want to join us… Let us know.

The Phone Team take calls from Local People and then passes the messages on so that peoples shopping and medicines get collected.

  • They also take general calls from people about local services and other help they can get.
  • All Phone team members work to a rota to suit you and your family, you decide what you can do and our Phone Team leader will always work to what you want in terms of your time commitment.
  • We do have some mobile phones, they are called Sharon, Ozzy and Jack…. fun names I know, but it easier to say “Where’s Ozzy” than where is phone “0788-567676”.
  • Where appropriate the Phone Team leader will make sure you get the phones. The KCRT is paying for the sim card and contracts on these phones, you don’t have to spend any of your won money.
  • If you decide to join our Phone Team, you will be given information sheets to handle calls and the Phone Team Leader will talk you through how to deal with things.