Leaflet Deliverers

Leaflet Deliverers are VITAL for helping the 2500 households in Knebworth be safe, informed, and have easy access to emergency and support phone numbers, by delivering the Knebworth Response Team Newsletter regularly.

The Newsletter Leaflets we deliver are aimed at those who DO NOT have computers and smart phones. There are at least 573 such households out of the 2500 households in Knebworth THEY NEED YOU

We have many older, vulnerable, people living alone in Knebworth, for some its all the information they have about Knebworth and how to get practical help from local people. Collecting shopping and medicines, and giving information on emergency and support telephone numbers, and health advice during this Covid-19 Pandemic..

WE NEED LEAFLETERS. You will be given advice on how to deliver to the level of the Royal Mail Pandemic protection rules ,

Click here for more information: Info Packs

The Government has said people can go out of their homes to do the following: ” To provide help or care to a vulnerable person”.

That is what leaflet deliverers do, Provide Help and Care