You are doing a great job! (Local resident)

BR… Swangleys Lane

I want to thank you so much for your help today. It was all very unexpected just two days ago when I had several issues to be sorted, but didn’t yet know about you. I asked Lloyds if they could deliver my prescription and they put me in touch with you just to do this, but as a result of finding out who you were over the phone, your very friendly and well organised group of volunteers then did my food shop today and delivered my prescription, and someone even arrived to help with my electrical problems. I was also touched to be given some flowers for my birthday tomorrow – not sure how you knew about this! So congratulations to everyone contributing so well to this much-needed voluntary service to help us all survive this difficult time.

Georgina Osborne, pharmacy assistant at Lloyds chemist

We are trying our hardest to sort every one and their scripts out! It’s not easy at this crazy time in the world but all we can do is try our best. You guys are a major help delivering people’s scripts to them. That is such a kind and thoughtful thing to do. A big thank you comes from all of us at the Pharmacy

Canon Jane Hatton

The lady in the chemist was saying what a great job this group is doing, getting prescriptions out. Fab.. Well done and a big thank you to those answering the phones and emails and those delivering.

Ken Spooner, practice manager of Knebworth and Marymead surgery

Just looked at web site and seems an excellent addition to knebworth local needs. Could we put a link from the surgery to web site to your web site whilst covid-19 is around?

Paula Perrin, Knebworth resident

A big thank you for arranging my tablets to be collected yesterday. Really appreciate your help 👏x

Cllr Richard Thake Hertfordshire County Council

Dear Steve, I was absolutely delighted to learn of the formation of the Knebworth Covid 19 Response Team, which, I understand, currently has over 100 volunteers who are making sure people in some 2500 households can get their medicine, shopping and (importantly) information and help, by getting a weekly leaflet delivered to their homes.

I know, from personal experience that there are many elderly, lonely and vulnerable people, residing in the Parish, who do not have computers or smartphones. For these people, your Team leaflet is almost certainly the only way they can find out about local Knebworth services which are still operating. It certainly is the only effective solution for those households.

I also realise the immense pressure the Lister Hospital is under in trying to cope in the present emergency. By making it possible for people to stay safely in their homes, whilst being supported in their daily needs, helps in the National drive not to spread the Covid Virus. It is difficult to see how the NHS might manage without initiatives such as these.

Crucially I am advised that your leaflet delivery people work to an enhanced version of the Royal Mail Health and Safety “Pandemic” rules so they do not spread Covid. I am also told that your volunteers include qualified counsellors whom people are already calling for emotional support on the dedicated Phone line, which runs from 8am to 8pm daily. A friendly ear is an incalculably valuable resource for those in need.

The support group has an email line, I know, but I notice that the website (which is in development) is yet to go online, though I expect it could be up today?

I wish to express my sincere thanks to you and all of the Team for this wonderful effort. I know I am not alone in offering these thanks as I am informed that the Team is already endorsed by many local medical experts, Psychologists and Scientists, Parish Council members and 8 local organisations.

I realise that this is a team effort and is run as a volunteer operation. That is brilliant, but there is and will be, a financial cost to such operations and I would like to show my support by allocating a grant from my County Council Locality Budget to help further the work being done for the people of Knebworth. I gather you are heading up the team and if you email me on my County Council system – – I will make arrangements to issue a grant of £500:00 as soon as the new financial years budgets allow.

I hope this will assist you in seeking further funding and grants for this much needed community effort.

Keep safe.

Kindest regards and sincere thanks to all involved,


Richard Thake

County Councillor for Knebworth and Codicote (Division 38)

Immediate Past Chairman of the County Council