We need your help



We need you

We NEED your help… We have been given £4100 in money and we have been pledged £500.

We Need More. This is because we put out a Newsletter to keep the old, vulnerable, and self-isolating, better connected,and informed, helping them to feel safe . We also help by getting shopping and medication, running a phone line and online team, organising street marshals and special experts.

Our research shows a minimum of 573 households out of 2500 do not have, or use the internet in Knebworth. Source. ONS,NHDC,HCC

There may not be a Covid-19 vaccine for some time, the lock down may be extended. and it will take some time for things to get back to normal. If there is no vaccine for Covid-19 it is likely there will be another outbreak in the winter months, the NHS is talking about a timescale stretching into early 2021 .We are planning for this now, so as to make sure we are able to respond to such lock down extensions, and further outbreaks. We hope we are not needed, but it is better to make sure we can help if we are needed than not be ready.

We are run by volunteers paying for things out of there own pocket to help 2500 households in Knebworth, we can’t expect Volunteers to pay for everything out of their own pocket…. THAT IS NOT FAIR on us, and others who need our help in Knebworth. DONATE… NOW…..

So PLEASE help us!

We accept money by Bank Transfer. Please email us with the title DONATE to KnebworthCR@gmail.com

We have thankfully been donated mobile phones and 2 Laptops to help us out and we are so grateful as we could not have set up the Phone Team or our Database of Volunteers without out.

Many people have helped us set up our website, designed our newsletters, delivered them, manned our phones, taken emails, gone shopping for peoples medicines, and patrolled streets to help the 2500 households in our village.

Knebworthians…… these excellent people think : We are doing the right thing in the right way so please help us.

The Sponsors of the team are our local NHDC councillors Lisa Nash and Steve Deakin-Davies and the Team Leader is Dr Renata Crome PhD. There are currently 5 members in this team .

The KCRT are endorsed by: Cllr Jean Green, Chair of NHDC, Cllr Richard Thake immediate past Leader of Herts County Council. Cllr Lisa Nash NHDC and Cllr Steve Deakin-Davies NHDC

Plus: Dr Liam Hayes MBBS , Doctor at the Lister Hospital Viv Goddard BA Crown Prosecutor (retired) , Knebworth school governor and Knebworth Village trustee The Right Reverend Michael Beasley The Bishop of Hertford Linda Robertson President of Knebworth WI Canon Jane Hatton Ann Judge Chair of Knebworth Twinning Association Kathy Cole Trinity church Elder Professor Geoff Targett D.Sc Ph,D Robert Wilson MBE Dr Graham Fothergill PhD Joy Hall Officer of Knebworth PPG . Dr Maria Zauter Consultant Psychiatrist Colin Stringer Knebworth Parish council Clare Graham Knebworth Parish council Dr Steve Turley PhD Head of Europe, Darren Gilbert Director Mather Marshall Dr S.George Rahim, BSc, PhD VP, Head of Strategic Alliances Europe Ipsen BioPharma Lisa Kuruvatti Principle Clinical Psychologist and supervisor Rosie Chisnell BSc (honours, Paediatric Oncology)