Messages from Knebworth Churches

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In times of trouble or rejoicing the tolling of bells has a special resonance. So when it comes to appreciating our NHS doctors and nurses, along with those who work in our care homes, I am more than content to ring ours every Thursday evening on behalf of the 300 parishioners who attend here when we are able to open our doors. What I hadn’t anticipated was how emotional and moved people would be on hearing those bells. Thanks and appreciation are the very least we can show to those who put their lives on the line each day for us.

Canon Daniel Cronin

St Martins and St Mary’s folk are joining each Sunday morning for a service via Zoom, which is being much appreciated. If you would like to join us, please look at our Facebook page for YouTube recordings of the services. I hope you all enjoyed the wonderful weather over Easter, and were able to get your “daily exercise” to enjoy it, or be in your garden. Leaves are unfurling, the bluebells are out in the woods and there is sign of new life everywhere. I have seen a few cartoons of Jesus peeping out of the grave, with police telling him to get back inside pronto! They made me smile, but also made me appreciate that Jesus’ journey was an “essential one”, and that He is to be found out and about in all our homes if we only recognise him. The tomb could not hold him. Our walls and closed front doors are no obstacle either. As we continue to stay home, let’s remember that “Nothing is too great for God’s power, and nothing too small for God’s love”. Those were words spoken by Corrie Ten Boom who survived 3 concentration camps. She said she learned that in the “difficult class of life’s school”. What, in your life, needs His love today?

Canon Jane Hatton

I’m sure lots of people have been cleaning, clearing out, DIY-ing and gardening. I hope you have taken some time for yourselves; reading, walking or watching favourite shows. The lovely weather has helped. Behind the scenes at Trinity, the large hall, the two pre-school rooms and the vestry have been redecorated, and the boilers have been serviced so we are ready to welcome everybody back when things settle down. Please keep going in these strange times, if you need help, ask for it, if you can help others, go for it. All the churches of all denominations are praying for you all, whatever your circumstances. I hope this brings you comfort. The Trinity web site is a good point of contact.

Kathy Cole