Thank you for visiting the Knebworth Response Team website

We are a local Knebworth volunteer group set up to help our local people in these difficult times. We are not an Emergency Service.  Call 999, or 101 for Police and Ambulance. Call 111 for the NHS. Call Your GP surgery, call your friends and family.

  • We have written legal advice from the leading Legal Advocacy organisation POhWER that we do not need to carry out any DBS checks
  • We are in a lockdown, some countries have extended their lock down period and we are ready to help where we can for the 2500 households in Knebworth around 570+ do not have computers or the internet.
  • We will try to help you get medicines and shopping and we will keep you informed by newsletter and on-line postings.
  • We operate a phone line and an email service we check messages often plus this website and a Facebook page.
  • We use volunteers, to go shopping for housebound people, leaflet deliverers and mask makers and deliverers.
  • Email us or call us. 07892 : 936841 Email
  • Our best estimate of homes where people do not have internet or do not use it is approx 573 minimum. Based on ONS, NHDC, HCC data

The Sponsors of the team are our local NHDC councillors Lisa Nash and Steve Deakin-Davies and the Team Leader is Dr Renata Crome. There are currently 5 members in this team .

The KCRT are endorsed by: Cllr Jean Green, Chair of NHDC, Cllr Richard Thake immediate past Leader of Herts County Council. Cllr Lisa Nash NHDC and Cllr Steve Deakin-Davies NHDC

Plus: Dr Liam Hayes MBBS , Doctor at the Lister Hospital The Right Reverend Michael Beasley The Bishop of Hertford Linda Robertson President of Knebworth WI Canon Jane Hatton Ann Judge Chair of Knebworth Twinning Association Kathy Cole Trinity church Elder Professor Geoff Targett D.Sc Ph,D Robert Wilson MBE Dr Graham Fothergill PhD Joy Hall Officer of Knebworth PPG . Dr Maria Zauter Consultant Psychiatrist Colin Stringer Knebworth Parish council Clare Graham Knebworth Parish council Dr Steve Turley PhD, Darren Gilbert Director Mather Marshall Dr S.George Rahim, BSc, PhD , Lisa Kuruvatti Principle Clinical Psychologist and supervisor Rosie Chisnell BSc (honours, Paediatric Oncology)

PLUS many others whom we will load into this list over the next few days.